The Helen O' Grady Drama Academy runs two very successful enrichment programmes at Whissendine Primary and Brooke Hill Academy in Rutland. The aim of the programme is to offer a specific year group the opportunity to develop in confidence and creativity, giving each child the chance to enjoy performance arts within school time


After seeing our workshop lessons and reading more about the benefits of our programme, you may decide our own aims fit in with those of your school and wish to host classes especially for your pupils. 


Classes are integrated into a school day where we follow our regular curriculum for up to twelve weeks of each school term. Lessons are made up of the components listed below. We follow a progressive curriculum which is updated regularly to ensure it continues to interest and stimulate the children:


  • Introductory Warm-Up Activities   

  • Speech Exercises                          

  • Mime to Music                               

  • Creative Improvised Drama 

  • Snippets (Partner Work)


We also work on a short-scripted production once a year to ensure that children have the chance to shine for family, friends and the rest of the school!


All staff employed by the Academy are experienced teachers and all are, naturally, DBS checked. They all have specialist – and ongoing – training in the Helen O’Grady System.


Enrichment Programmes are tailored to fit the needs of your school and the chosen age group that will take part. If you would like an Enrichment Pack or to find out more, please contact Beth Daniel on 01664 569 738 or nleics@helenogrady.co.uk