We offer workshops within a school day, where children and teachers have the opportunity to experience our curriculum firsthand. 


In the workshop, we cover warm up physical theatre games, a choral verse/poem, a mime to music (non-verbal communication through expression) and an improvisation, where every child will have a part to play.  The improvisation will be performed for the teacher of that class! 

  We include the following aspects of our unique curriculum:
  • Introductory Warm-Up Activities   

  • Physical theatre warm up games                           

  • Mime to Music                               

  • Creative Improvised Drama          

  • Snippets (Partner Work)                        


   Some of the benefits to children in our programme are:

  • Increase in confidence

  • More likely to volunteer information in class

  • Use of appropriate eye contact

  • Reading and speaking with more expression

  • Vital life and social skills needed in young people

  • Thinking creatively

  • Improvement of language and social skills

  • Answering in full sentences

  • Learning to listen


Added to this of course is the fun children have in the workshops and the new ideas that teachers can incorporate in the classroom.